Rose will tackle the issues impacting our families and work for a better future

Santa Clara County needs a strong leader working for all our families and residents of the community. We need to address the housing crisis, improve transportation, create affordable access to healthcare and improve our education system so that our children can succeed in a 21st Century economy.  

As Supervisor, Rose will fight to…

Create housing policies that enable sustainable communities.

Here in Santa Clara County we are facing a housing affordability crisis. We need more housing of all types to ensure that teachers, students and families can afford to live here. It is tragic that families who have lived in our district over multiple generations are at risk of being forced to relocate because they cannot afford the Bay Area’s rising cost of housing. We need to work to expand housing access across a broad range of incomes, not just those at the top.

Increase access to affordable healthcare.

Our county has created an incredible health care network of hospitals and clinics. We must ensure that all of our residents have access to affordable health care. Mobile Mental health services are needed to reach out to a vulnerable population that are often homeless and too frequently end up in a jail cell instead of being given treatment which in addition to being inhumane is also more costly. Vulnerable Seniors have few options for affordable long term care. This is going to become a crisis as our population continues to age. As your Supervisor , Rose will fight for every one of our residents to have access to quality, affordable health care and will ensure each one of our hospitals are fully supported with the needed resources and staff.

Improving transportation must be part of an integrated plan.

As an eight year VTA board member and a member of the Measure B Bond oversight Committee, Rose understands that in order to improve quality of life in our county we must improve transportation. BART, light rail, and buses all help get cars off the road and move our residents to and from work. We must continue to build out our transportation infrastructure and we need to increase ridership with innovative bold ideas.

Make college affordable for our next generation.

A college education must be affordable for all students who have earned the opportunity to attend. For too many students the cost of attending our Junior colleges is out of reach. All Students must have the opportunity to take classes like coding to prepare them for the higher paying opportunities in Silicon Valley. All of our schools must equip students with 21 st century skills so that students graduate high school with competency in math, science and the use of computers and mobile applications.