About Rose

Mom, grandmother, community leader, U.S. Air Force veteran and Former Vice-Mayor Rose has served her community and country in public service since she graduated from WC Overfelt High School in eastside San Jose.

Rose is running for the Board of Supervisors to continue her passionate commitment to serving the community and ensuring that the County’s priorities address the most pressing needs of our community.

Rose was a leader for increasing social justice starting in high school with women’s issues. While in the US Air Force she organized a council of military women to address issues of concern such as unequal treatment and harassment. Upon her honorable discharge from the US Air Force Rose came home to San Jose where she worked for the American GI Forum as a Veterans outreach coordinator.  Rose is concerned that there are veterans both older and younger who are struggling with PTSD and ending up homeless in our county. Too many commit suicide. Supporting our veterans is personal for Rose. She serves as Vice-President of United Veterans Council and is active in Vietnam Veterans of America. Recently Rose served as a consultant on affordable housing for Veterans at the Millbrae BART station.  As a county Supervisor Rose will take an active role in working with the County Office of Veterans Services and the veterans community.

Like many veterans Rose attended college classes while in the military. When she returned to San Jose she attended classes at Evergreen Valley College and then transferred to Santa Clara University earning her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Arts degrees.

After her stint with the GI Forum Rose went to work for the County of Santa Clara first in the probation department where she worked for the OR program own Recognizance Release program. She worked in the main jail on the midnight shift and experienced cases from minor offenses to serious domestic violence and conducted interviews and made recommendations to a judge on whether they should be released on their word that they would appear in court. This program released those non- violent defendants who could safely be released awaiting trial but did not have the financial capacity to post bail.

After working in the jail Rose went to work for the Human Relations Commission under Jim McEntee. She worked with youth many of whom were impacted by gang activity. Rose worked with Si Se Puede project to host programs to help the youth avoid gang involvement. She helped lead retreats with gang leaders to mediate issues and help reduce conflict.

Like many others Silicon Valley beckoned to Rose and she went to work in high tech eventually starting her own company. This experience taught her the challenges of running a small business. Even though her company did not survive she is proud of the 10 years she provided jobs and services to her customers. She started with only $1,000.00 but was able to build the business into a $10M dollar a year company. She is most proud of providing job opportunities and training to enable non- technical workers to have a job and a future in Silicon Valley.   

In 2008 Rose was called to serve her community again during what became the worst recession since the Great Depression. This time it was the closure of a beloved grocery store and the fear of losing a local retail center that caused Rose to take up a cause that led to her running for the San Jose City Council in 2008. During her 8 years serving on the city council Rose focused on delivering results for her residents. Rose and her colleagues had to make tough decisions to maintain City Services. In spite of the most difficult economic times Rose helped to steer the city through the crisis making sure that critical services were protected. Under her leadership Lake Cunningham Skate Park was saved from cuts, Rose save Muni Water from being sold and privatized. She fought for more recreational opportunities for East side kids by securing a donation of 13 acres of land for youth sports fields and fought for their approval at the City Council. They are being built and will open this year. A new library was built at Evergreen Village Square because Rose fought for it.  Rose kept the funding alive for the Light Rail to Eastridge Project and now with the new BART link to San Jose in which she also played a leadership role, we will have a connection from Eastridge to BART giving eastside residents the opportunity to connect to jobs. Under Rose’s tenure major freeway projects at 101 Tully and 101 Capitol Expressway were completed. Rose led Economic Development on the Council for four years and became the Vice-Mayor for her last two years. In addition to chairing and serving on numerous council and regional committees Rose found the time to become the founder and first President of the California League of Cities Women’s Caucus. She served as the Veterans liaison to the City council and in 2016 under Rose’s leadership the POWMIA flag began to fly at City Hall 365 days a year.

Rose lives in Evergreen San Jose with her husband Matt who is a software engineer and their beloved dog Louis. They share three adult children David, Rose and Evan and two grandchildren Gavi and Ben.